Developing an online presence for your business requires that we take into consideration a range of important factors including your own specific requirements and customer base.

Working with you we will make a thorough assessment of these needs and determine the best method of achieving an effective online presence for your business.
To do this we will be giving consideration to available web site architecture, e-commerce requirements, on-line promotions, search engine optimisation, customer usability and interactivity.

We will measure these against issues such as hosting costs, updatability, your budget, presentation and coding requirements to determine the best solution without breaking the bank!

All webhot web site are designed as originals. We custom build it from the ground up to suit your needs and showcase your brand. It wont look like everyone elses!

During the build phase we provide you with access to the "work in progress" so that you can provide feedback and directly monitor progress.

All aspects of the process from initial design, hosting setup, coding, graphic design, animation and testing are completed by webhot. If any other specialised features need to be incorporated into your site they will be facilitated by webhot meaning that we take your vision from concept right through to completion.

We design fast loading, easily navigated and visually impressive web sites that will showcase your business.

All of our sites include web traffic measurement and analytics to help you get the best out of your site.

You will be provided with personal service, ensuring that you walk away satisfied with the outcome.